Kuala Lumpur City Tour

Kuala Lumpur City Tour

When traveling throughout Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, you are certainly going to have questions about the location and want to learn about the city’s history.

During your tour of Kuala Lumpur – one of the best being the City Tour package from Merry World Holidays – you can see pieces of history such as the National Monument, ASEAN Garden, and King’s Palace before heading to the National Museum.

The National Museum, or Muzium Negara in Malay, is situated near the Perdana Lake Gardens and depicts the beauty of Minangkabau architecture.

Within the structure is a rich collection of Malaysian heritage, ranging from four galleries of ethnology and natural history, traditional weaponry, instruments, artwork, and preserved flora and fauna.

There are both permanent and special exhibitions to experience.

While at the museum, be sure to check out the original sized Terengganu timber palace called Istana Satu. You will want to see the keliriengs, or burial poles, and hear about the purpose behind them.