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Merry World Car Service can also provide:

Car Rental Malaysia- Services

1) Provide Service Car Rental, Van Rental and Bus Rental in Malaysia


2) Malaysia Airport Pick-up services - Book Airport transfer online - Just log in and book

    貼心的服務 - 提供安全與優良的駕駛技術服務

3) Intimate services, Sale Driving Skills. Quality Services

    貼心的服務 - 提供安全與優良的駕駛技術服務

4) Chinese / Mandarin / Cantonese / English speaking tour guide - Ideal for shopping, touring,
    dining and experiencing the culture of region.

    本公司提供 華語 / 廣東語 / 英語的 導遊 司機 -

5) Merry World have FREE trip planning, booking accommodation, booking theme park tickets


6) Tourism charter / airport transfer / corporate long - term lease on line, etc

    在線可預定 旅遊包車 / 機場接送 / 企業長.短租約服務

7) Events, functions and roadshows - Multiple vehicle bookings and event transfer

    活動 , 展覽會 - 提供預定多輛車輛並有專業人士協助規劃路線服務

8) We have few selection of bridal car options that car make finding and negotiating your perfect
    wedding car a time

    我們有幾款新娘禮車的選擇, 可以節省你在尋找上的時間及並使完美的婚禮更流暢

9) We have mini bus services for Shopping Mall FREE pick up and drop off


10) Airline Cabin Crew Shutter's services


11) Event Shutter TRANSFER


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  • Malacca Malaysia
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  • Malaysia Culture

Car Rental Malaysia- All You Need to Know About Renting a Car in Malaysia

When you are looking at enjoying your holiday in a spot that is safe, accessible and full of the things that you are looking for, you tend to look for the idea of a great hotel and tourist attractions in terms of the sites that you choose and why. This all makes perfect sense of course, but something that you need to focus on and work into your plan is the idea of a car rental in Malaysia.

After all, part of keeping yourself safe and enjoying your trip is to make sure that you are getting to all of your spots properly, right? We're here to help. We offer car hire so that you can get to all of the spots on your list in Malaysia including Kuala Lumpur.

Car Rental in Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia

We are all knowledgeable in all of the things that you are going to be looking for in terms of suggestions for where you go while you visit this gorgeous area. We are also fully equipped to give the ride that you are looking for in terms of brands.

We offer, for example, cars made by Mercedes, Toyota and Nissan to name a few. We are here to make sure that you get the car that you are looking for. Remember that when you are looking at a car rental, you have to make sure that you are also taking into consideration the rules of the road.

You need to check out online the different regulations so that you are taking care of yourself on the road. For example, the slowest lane of traffic should be in the left most lane, and the fastest traffic should be in the right most lane. For those in North America, this is often a strange thing to get used to.

It is your responsibility to get an international driver's license and to make sure that you familiar with all of the laws and rules when hiring a car. We'd also be happy to give you some recommendations if you are looking for some last minute "know how" when it comes to road safety. We can also provide research links to look at in your own convenience. You need to be in the know to make sure that driving is the least of your worries when it comes to enjoying your vacation.

We are happy to help you pick the right car for your adventure, and we are very much looking forward to helping you make the right decision to the places to go. We offer full service car rental services in Malaysia so that we can help you plan out all parts of your trip and are looking forward to offering you all that you are looking for.

This is enhanced even more in the idea that we can offer fleet services as well, which you will learn about in just a few lines. This way, we are looking forward to offering you the best car rental services in Kuala Lumpur and other places in Malaysia possible, whatever it is that you might be looking for.

Fleet Services and Chauffeur Services

If you are coming as part of a crowd, meeting a crowd here, or are looking to have a group experience, then you should speak to us about the idea of a chauffeur service. Not only are we hoping to help you pick the right spots and help you make your way through the at-times treacherous traffic conditions, but we want to make sure that your adventure to Malaysia is as easy going as possible.

After all, if you can get away with having a professional do the driving like it's no big deal, why not just sit back with your fellow travellers and enjoy the ride, right? As far as the specifics go, we are glad to offer you the different cars with sizes to make sure that you are well taken care-of. We can offer a private car, a Toyota Alphard, a Toyota Hiace, a 12-14 seater van, a mini coach, or even a 45 seater coach. We are genuinely looking forward to the idea of helping you travel in luxurious comfort while also helping you travel in the way that you are looking forward to the most.

It simply comes down to figuring out how you are looking forward to moving around the area. >We can offer transfers and transportation from the KLIA airport, in terms of airport transfer, a ride to business meetings, transportation to any kind of special event, etc. Whatever your group needs are, you can make sure that your customers are kept in safety and comfort from start to finish of that great adventure.

How much is your chauffeur rate?

Our chauffeur rate is affordable with no hidden cost. You can refer to our chauffeur rate. We are here for your business, pleasure and combination experiences from the moment that you get to the KLIA airport to the moment that you need to go back home. We are here for your group in whatever size it is, and we are looking forward to making sure that you get from point A to B in comfort while also making sure that you get the peace of mind that comes with comfortable traveller.

Our drivers will offer you a laid back experience where you know that you are totally taken care of and all you need to focus on is enjoying the trip to and from. You can find all sorts of other information on our website, and we are here to answer any questions or concerns that you have about you, your group, or what we can offer to you.

Please don't hesitate to contact us and ask voice you ideas or concerns, we are here to offer you a professional experience and want the chance to help you make sure that you are moving around Malaysia and seeing all of the attractions in the perfect form for you and your business colleagues.

Big or small in terms of group size, we are here.

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