About Us

About Us


Merryworld Holidays has been operating in the tourism industry for 21 years, with only one firm belief that the SAFETY and SATISFACTION of customers has always been our priority.  Improving the professional quality and service of drivers makes us unique! Our services matched with five-star hotel transportation facilities and International Exhibition company connection services, and tailored to meet all the needs of customers at different levels. We are happy to have 4 decades  of experience understanding our customer’s need. Our 1000 corporate accounts depend on us every single day for thousands of ride and we rise to the occasion on each and every trip 

Besides, we are always the winner of multiple award from The world’s Top Tourism Industry’, the World’s Top brand of the Best Travel Transportation service award, and has always been maintaining high score of 4.8/5 in Google reviews. Thank you for your continued support and trust, and these are our main drive to keep us confident and motivated.

美丽世界旅游交通公司在旅遊行業扎實經營了21年,只有一个坚定的信念,客户的安全是我们团队所重视並以客户满意为宗旨, 提高司机专业素质与服务使我们与众不同!美丽世界旅游交通服务公司提供服務有配合五星酒店交通配套及国际展览公司接駁服務, 並針對不同层次客户所有的需求服务来量身定做。在面子书上拥有全球超过廿万多名粉丝关注我们的服务。2019 我们榮獲了World Top Tourism 世界顶级品牌最佳旅游交通服务大奖並一直保持Google Reviews 4.8/5 高分好评,谢谢大家的支持与信任让我们更有信心与动力。


Merryworld Holiday & Limousine Sdn Bhd has made customer satisfaction our primary goal and we extend our clients the highest degree of service possible. It is our level of professionalism and service that sets us apart from any other transportation company.



Your SAFETY journey is our UTMOST PRIORITY

Merryworld is a legally licensed van, business car and bus fleet certified by the Ministry of Transport and Tourism Malaysia since 2001. All of our vehicles are equipped with the models that our customers demand. Our drivers are trained with the driving safety details. Merryworld Transport’s service ensure safety and peace of mind as we provide passenger insurance for all passengers. Contact us now for more information and the best deals!


自2001年開始 美丽世界旅游交通服务公司是一家经过交通部與旅遊局认证旅行社並持有合法持照面包車, 商务轿车和巴士車隊。我们所有的车辆配合客戶所需求的車型以及驾驶人員被训练有素及注意行車安全细节。使用美丽世界旅游交通服务公司大車隊伍服務決對安全與安心,因爲我们为所有乘客提供乘客保险。现在就联系我们获取更多信息和最优惠价格!




We care deeply about people: Our own People, Our partners and Customers, and the  communities to which we belong to.

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 Passion is the fuel that drives our culture. It defines our mindset and energises our business.

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 We take seriously our responsibility to the environment. Through our actions we contribute towards creating a better environment for future generation.

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