Escape to Summerbay 4D3N Package

Escape to Summerbay 4D3N Package

In 2008, this city became a globally recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site, because Malacca is that great.

The blend of culture here is, frankly, perfect. European and South East Asian elements come together in such a way that is great fun.

Travel along Jonker Street to feast on Malacca-based snacks, visit the Porta de Santiago for the Dataran Pahlawan Mega Mall or go early in the morning to visit the Dutch tombstones; check out the Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum or the Malacca Cultural Museum; and if you are here on a Sunday, be sure to visit the antique flea market along Jalan Hang Jekir.

Some of the most famous attractions, however, are the multiple places of worship.

There are churches, mosques and temples scattered throughout Malacca, making for a wonderful cultural scavenger hunt if you have the time.